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The Best Realistic Silicone Breast Forms That Are Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime | Realistic Breast Form Review

The Female breasts are said to be the biggest and best outward sign of a male to female transformation and you should only ever need to purchase one pair to last you an entire lifetime so it is important that you choose wisely.

As well as a guarantee that they will last you a lifetime, you will want realism. The look and movement of a natural female breast can only be replicated if the weight and density of the filling is correct.

It also needs to be heat conductive so it attains body temperature so as well as moving in a natural way it also feels right to the touch

For those of you who aren’t ready to develop there on realistic female breast using hormones, There are still a wide range of options available to you.

In the article were going to be looking at some of your alternative options you can use.

The first one that you can use; if you take two balloons and fill them with water, knot them securely and place them in your bra, then you can find a cup size that is comfortable for you. However, they are not reliable for you to were outside as there easily punctured and i’m sure you can image what would happen then.

Latex covered foam boobs are a cheaper budget alternative that are safe to go out in. While you cant wear these without risk of a puncture, they don’t always look and feel like real breast. That’s where silicone breast come in.

A true silicone breast comes in a wide range of sizes and qualities

Realistic Silicone Beast

First up there’s realistic silicone breast, these breast forms are great for first time wearers as they provide truly realistic results. They are flesh colored, they look and feel just like real breast complete with colored nipples.

realistic silicone breast,

You can find these realistic silicone breast online at a wide range of prices, I have found amazon to be the cheaper of place to buy them for the amazing quality and shipping time.

Natural Silicone Breast

Next come our natural silicone breast. These types of silicone breast actually mimic the natural movements and heat (They absorb your body heat ).

Natural Silicone Breast

They are made from a 50/50 mix of pure silosalin and medical grade silicone. These breast come complete with natural perked nipples and different sizes you can choose from. Again the prices vary per size but amazon is a good place to start looking.

Pals Amazing Silicone Breast

Finally there are the amazing silicone breast that are made using 100% pure medical grade material.

These breast are hypoallergenic and unlike the balloons, puncture resistant… guaranteed for life even. They even come with heat reactive nipples and are available in 4 or more sizes.

Amazing Silicone Breast

You will see inferior grades of silicone breasts advertised elsewhere, usually massed produced in China which will quickly degrade & split.



MaxTara Silicone Breast Forms

 MaxTara Silicone Breast FormsFor many years already, MaxTara silicone breast forms have been the most favorite breast enhancement solution of women.

These high-quality MaxTara  silicone breasts forms are soft and comfortable, which is extremely important post surgery.

Designed as a suitable prosthesis for mastectomy patients, these breast forms provide shape and comfort in your pre-surgery clothes and bras.

These silicone enhancers move and feel like natural breasts.

They are soft to the touch, quickly regain their shape, and will gently bounce when you move. Shaped like a water drop

They also protect your tender post operative tissues from getting bumped and injured.

They also aid in keeping your body balanced, while keeping your self image strong. These affordable forms work well in a comfy cotton wire-free bra..

… and also fit beautifully inside your swimsuit. Keep in mind, that these are ordered individually, so if you’re a bilateral mastectomy patient, you’ll need to order two.

You can Buy the MaxTara Silicone Breast Forms here 

Prices vary between : $14.99 – $33.99
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Self-adhesive Silicone Breast ( Y-Not ) Review

The Y-Not Self Adhesive Cross dresser Silicone Breast Forms price varies between $26.99–$39.99 depending on the size choose.

Even though the title may state that this breast form is for cross dressers only…. it’s not.

Y-Not Self-adhesive Silicone Breast for Crossdresser & Mastectomy Patient Forms This self adhesive silicone breast form is made for transgender male to female, cross dressing men, women with small breast ( Or flat chested females ) and also for women who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The tear drop shape of the Y-Not Self Adhesive Silicone Breast Forms appear, and has a life like feel that makes them look exactly like real natural female breasts

Not only do they look and feel realistic, These Breast forms also includes an attached realistic nipple which replicates the appearance of  a normal breast.

You will feel substantially confident wearing these silicone breast forms

whether that might be  within a nice bra or by attaching them directly to your chest with the self-adhesive backing without the use of straps or tape  ( Hence the name ” Self-adhesive Silicone Breast ” )

Also the strength of the adhesive used on these breast forms are reusable for multiple Self-adhesive Silicone Breast forms applications and occasion

The contour of these cross dresser breast forms ensure you get a great fit against your chest and they can be worn all day with comfort and without perspiration.

The Y-Not Self Adhesive Cross dresser Silicone Breast Forms weighs roughly 2.0 lbs (Pounds), made Ultra Soft Medical Grade Silicone ,standard nude color and 5 different sizes

The sizes Y-Not Self Adhesive Cross dresser Silicone Breast Forms are available in are :

  1. A 500g 16 x 11 x 5 cm
  2. B 600g 16 x 11 x 5.5 cm
  3. C 800g 16 x 11 x 6 cm
  4. D 1000g 16 x 11 x 6.5 cm
  5. E 1200g 16 x 12 x 7.5 cm

They also have Full of movement and bounce that amplifies the realistic appearance  of the finished product

silicone breast fprms Why should I consider self-adhesive forms ? These are the best forms you can get !  They really enhance the femme experience, and a few hours into wearing them you will forget they are not your own. There is no need for adhesive tapes or glue to attach your forms – this means they are always ready to wear, and may work out cheaper in the long run

What are the downsides of  Self Adhesive Silicone Breast Forms ? 

They cannot be worn bra-less as the adhesive is not quite strong enough . They are more expensive than traditional breast forms

You can purchase these form on amazon or from the breast form store .

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Silicone Breast Forms vs Pal’s Breast Forms

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“Forget the silicone and get PALS they are better then silicone, they don’t slide. I sleep and swim in mine and they stay still without glue “

*Customer Review *

I’ve  had my breast forms now for over 2 years, never taken them off, and I don’t even powder them anymore

I wear them in the shower with the bra, and leave them on and just towel and air dry. occasionally i will take them off to wash in soapy water.

But, if i had silicone i would had been through at least  3 pairs by now.

I had an entire stack of worn and blown out silicone forms..  I ended up throwing out recently… over $500 in trash.

I wish i had found pals years ago. I love these forms, I can stand on these forms and they won’t tear.

If your only going to wear silicone breast forms every once in a while, then buy silicone for less money, But just know one day they will give out.

If you want your last form, then buy pals, the only way you will replace it, if you want to go bigger

Pals come in pairs, these alternative to silicone breast forms by Pals are made from a safe, hypoallergenic and soft realistic blend of polymer and mineral oil (non-silicone and FDA approved).

Check Size drop-down for price which increases as size increases.

Realistic look and feel and the Triangles have a flat back for a firmer and more comfortable fit. The patented formula has a natural grip to the surface and so resists slipping.

Best worn in an underwire bra or a pocket bra like our own 2700 Jiggle Bra. Must not be used with Medical (silicone) adhesive or tapes).

Other Advantages:
Lightweight gel forms mean you can wear them all day.
Natural Shape rounded triangle form with realistic nipple looks completely natural in a sheer bra.

Unlike silicone forms that puncture, these forms are made of soft flesh-like non-liquid gel and are not destroyed when punctured – people sometimes pierce the nipples to wear jewelry!


Cut To Fit.

Due to the unique non-liquid gel properties, these forms can actually be cut to fit. So, if they are too wide or long to fit your favorite bra you can simply trim them with regular scissors.

After trimming, dust the cut area with talc and they will heal themselves (please note: forms non-returnable once you trim them).

Simply wash with warm, mildly soapy water and allow to dry. Once dry always lightly dust with talcum powder e.g. Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder and then store safely.

Great alternative to expensive silicone forms.
Can be colored. Ideal solution if you have darker skin since they are porous and so can be colored with foundation to match your own skin tone.

This is a good value product if you need Ebony colored forms, for example.


Click here to see all the breast forms currently available in store

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Pals Breast Forms In-depth Unbiased Review

Humans have problems with self-confidence sometimes, and that is totally normal. Many of us feel the same in similar situations.

Our physical appearance is usually the main cause for that and small breasts or no breast  are often one of the issues. However, technology development has found solutions for some of the problems.

Thanks to realistic Pals breast form, you do not need to worry about the size of your breast anymore.

They will help you to return your lost self-confident.

I will talk about PALS TRS2-04 Breats Forms model here, which is successfully tested and proved as a high-quality product.

It can be bought in 3 different sizes, so you can choose the most adequate for your body. These pals breast forms are fully comfortable, and you can wear them all the time without any problem.

They are absolutely realistic, and no one can notice that they are not your real breasts.

These pals are made of first-class materials and are completely safe. Your health will be protected with them, and that is the most important thing.

The pals are washable, and it is quite easy to take a care of them. And their price is like a bonus to all these good things, so you can buy them at very low price in comparison to their quality. You are going to feel sexy again with the realistic Pals breast form.

Unlike other breast forms available online or in store, Pals  Breast Forms are the absolute lightest and durable types You can comfortably wear  all day in sheer comfort.

Not only do they look extremely Realistic , the  feel , texture and bounce go hand in hand naturally, which makes them virtually undetectable.

Pals is said to be one of the most Versatile breast forms you can get your hands on.

Breast form made by Pals was cleverly design to allows wearer to create two different effects with one style.

Create either

  • A fuller, increased bust size
  • or a push-up effect for deeper cleavage

Different Sizes Of Pals Breast Forms

  1. Push-Ups
  2. Push-up Med
  3. Push-Ups w/Nipples

Both fit AA-B cups and increase 1 cup size.

  • Raindrops, can be worn by AA-C Cups. Come in 3 different sizes. Level 1: RD1, Level 2: RD2 and Level 3: RD3 for 3 different cup sizes.
  • Teardrops come in 4 different sizes. Level 1: TD1 and Level 2: TD2, these are for medium to small frames. Level 3: TD3 and Level 4: TD4 which are made especially for larger framed people.
  • Triangles come in 9 sizes. Level 1: TRS1, Level 2: TRS2, Level 3: TRS3, Level 4: TRS4, Level 5 TRS5 (for medium to small frames). Level 6: TRL1, Level 7: TRL2, Level 8: TRL3, and Level 9: TRL4 (for Large to X-Large frames).

pals silicone breast form

Pal Have Full Pliable Cups

Majority of silicone breast enhancers are about 1/2 to 1 inch thick no matter what size you buy. The variable is rather in the overall size width etc.

However, Pals have a somewhat flat back, there is a slight dish out in the back to allow a smooth transition from enhancer to skin.

Teardrops are about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches thick. The Raindrops are 3 to 3 1/2 inches thick and Triangle range from 1 1/2 inches thick to 5 inches thick.

Pals Natural Shape

According to wearers who use Pals Breast Forms Raindrops, It has been said that pals are truly the most realistic breast enhancers you’ll ever find on the market and are made from a live D Cup model.

Pals Natural shape is really important when larger sizes are desired because as you may well imagine, this size gets a lot of attention!

Check out all our Breast Forms Here 

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